• Q - What is Jimmaydar Nagrik?
  • A - Jimmaydar Nagrik is a platform created for every responsible citizen who want to fight against injustice, and who wish to support true Individual or Organization.
  • Q - What is the Agenda of the Jimmaydar Nagrik?
  • A - Please read the document of Agenda posted on the site. (Click Here)
  • Q - What is the History of this organization?
  • A - TEAM Jimmaydar Nagrik as an organization pioneered it base on 23rd Jan 2009 on birth day of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose by registration of it's site name (Jimmaydar Nagrik.) and taken as an oath to take it forward Which is now on 23rd Jan 2012 is re-launching its online voting campaign to gain self respect for our National Flag and now getting more interactive.
  • Q - When and How was this TEAM formed Is it registered?
  • A - It launched it existence with single page from 23rd March 2009 on Shaheed Bhagat Singh death anniversary, to carry the Freedom Fight further. We are in process of registration which will be completed soon.
  • Q - How many people /supporters are in TEAM (Jimmaydar Nagrik) & Why is it said as Freedom Fight we are already an independent nation?
  • A - One person alone to start it and have limited support of single digit number of responsible citizen. Current registered figure and TEAM member strength status availability can be checked on the Home Page any time.
    Are we Independent Nation. In an Independent Country everyone is treated equally and I do not feel it is there in India and hence it a freedom fight.
  • Q - Who are you?
  • A - I am one of the Jimmaydar Nagrik of India just like you, who wish to fight against injustice and all the evils practice erupted, and also want to support good and true Individual / Organization who are working for upliftment of our country.
    (Personal Information) I used to work in one of the company to attain my living as done by almost (more than) 65% of Indian population. And I am from Mumbai in Maharashtra of our INDIA. Now want to give this movement a good start hence have decided not to work. Will start working once again within few months.(Please be satisfied with this much on this question as of now)
  • Q - How shall we be part of Jimmaydar Nagrik?
  • A - Just register with your face book account on our website and stay connected. We are in process of many things will let you know how to participate more actively.
  • Q - How can we more actively support and be a part of Jimmaydar Nagrik?
  • A - Kindly register your self and send your details and some information (Bio Data) about you to jimmaydar.nagrik@rediffmail.com If possible and convenient also send the way you would like to contribute or Help. We are in process to get UNIQUE ID for people to participate more actively too.
  • Q - Are there any terms and condition to become the part of TEAM Jimmaydar Nagrik and attain Unique ID?
  • A - Yes..! Please read term and condition, In short you need to fulfil the criteria of Honest Human Being and An INDIAN above 18 years of age.
  • Q - What is this UNIQUE ID & How can you be so sure? (Currently Not Applicable)
  • A - UNIQUE ID is the system generated ID which is assigned to you on details provided during registration, you will come to know when you get one and that too only after registration. (One request do not get it just for name sake and waste it Please.)
    You will be charged Rupees 1,000/- to 2,000/- which may vary.
  • Q - Would my identity be disclosed if I join this Team (while enrolling for unique id?
  • A - No and Not All if you do not wish and want to, But do not register if you have this fear of identity being disclosed.
  • Q - Do you know you sound good but do you think it will work (succeed)?
  • A - Do you think an Indian can succeed in its own country fighting for respect and dignity without your support. (I Know you as Indian will support and I will be WE and WE WILL SUCCEED)
  • Q - Do you know you have limitation of approach by internet medium?
  • A - I see it as, the fastest and best mode as an option to communicate to everyone. Will overcome the limitation and reach every Indian soon. Support if you wish to help in removing the limitation by promoting it to maximum people.
  • Q - What are your plans, What do you want out of this?
  • A - Will let you all know soon, my priority is to get maximum awareness about Vision & Mission of Jimmaydar Nagrik. and generate support for us. Please help in it if you agree with me and believe in honesty. I just want every INDIAN'S to be happy. A smile on every Indian face at any given point of Time.
  • Q - What if I don't agree with you on this point (fight for Nation Pride)?
  • A - I will respect your opinion. Please do a favour of ignoring it. (This point of fight for Nation Pride) You even have option to oppose even. This is not the criteria which you need to abide with. Jimmaydar Nagrik is started as platform for open discussion I have started with this point of mine. You can decide of your own. Come-on..! We Live in INDIA... It's a true Democratic Organisation
  • Q - What made you began this (Jimmaydar Nagrik)?
  • A - Truly speaking, this Inspiration in me is a call of a Jimmaydar Nagrik to fight for Respect and Dignity of INDIA. The words of Jimmaydar Nagrik motivated me to start this platform for everyone. It was my need even and I think this is a need of Today's India. (We Indian need to be united under one banner & Jimmaydar Nagrik is an option if you find it good enough to begin with.) Will soon disclose this when we launch our interactive website.
  • Q - What made you actually start this and Why at this time?
  • A - Every new things invented are for fulfilling the current need and is cause of the current demand, Similarly Jimmaydar Nagrik is started to fulfil the need of India's demand for CHANGE, which we all are looking for. Time is not decided by me it had to began, I am just to start it. It's up to you all who come across this and how you take it forward
  • Q - Still What made you start on this topic (National Flag) to begin it?
  • A - I still would say, it was the time to start and it happened (Mein Tho Kewal EK Nimeeth Mattar Hunh...!) This topic is a cause of an INCIDENT which took place with me and something in me is saying "Do it my dear. You are not Wrong" (Click Here.! For Incident)
  • Q - Do you know by this act you are trying to question system of Indian Judiciary and its credibility?
  • A - No Dear Indian, by this act, I am trying to prove how much reluctant we Indians have become as of today, we have compromised towards basic values of our existence. It is also assumed by some people that nothing will happen when they do wrong as they have control of power. I want to question and will question each and every injustice and make effort to rectify the mistake one by one at a time.
  • Q - Why did you make a public appeal in such a manner rather than filing PIL's and going to Great Indian Judiciary?
  • A - As correctly said it is a public appeal and must be made to public directly and not to judiciary. Judgment is of Public (Indian's). I am already in process and will approach Respected High / Apex Authorities of INDIA if required.
  • Q - Do you know YOU sound as if you have no faith in Judicial System of India by justifying your act of Direct Public Appeal to public (Indian) and saying IF REQUIRED.?
  • A - My Faith in Indian Judiciary System is as much as one devoted priest has in GOD. And will not tilt even. But today's facts made me do this (Today Traitor are governing the Judging Bodies, don't you remember Afzal Guru Judgment) More over I wanted to bring this into notice of all INDIAN and want people of INDIA to give judgment on the same.
  • Q - Do you know this will give rise to many such things and what if everyone start doing this?
  • A - Blaming me won't make sense; I AM forced to do this. You say it.. What option could I opt for..? Do you know that there are millions of case pending. It would take years to get true verdict on this. I cannot wait for so much years, and not at least on topic of our Pride. (Click Here)
  • Q - You again are trying to prove that you do not believe in System of Indian Judiciary giving figure of pending cases, Why didn't you follow decorum can you justify yourself?
  • A - I again repeat, I do not have any question towards judiciary credibility, Why are you are trying to purse me as if I have done a criminal act. I am worried for today's India, if situation do not change today, people will (and are) loosing faith in Indian Judiciary. I need not need to justify to any one on this. Is that Okay for you.
  • Q - So you do not believe in Democracy of INDIA is it?
  • A - Every INDIAN has right to Speech & Expression which are the basic right of Democratic Indian Nationalist. I am using it, so you have got my answer isn't it.
  • Q - DO YOU KNOW APEX JUDICARY have given right to host National Flag and so it is being used?
  • A - Yes I Do.! Remember, It was after PIL filed by Mr. Naveen Jindal. My question is not of hosting a National Flag, Did Judiciary system gave right to divide and use it. as mode of advertisement for personal benefit just because they are people representative of some section of society.
  • Q - Do you know you are just trying to act brave enough, but you are childish or either you are a big fool, Don't you think , If some one is using, It must have be permitted and hence it is used?
  • A - Yes.! When grownup become cowards and act childish and are not capable of doing anything, Young Generation have to show their Grownup Nature Upfront. Please do read Do's and Don'ts once too.
    I do not know weather it is permitted or not permitted, It is right or wrong. But yes I can say you are not wrong in saying. National Flag is used.
    If some have attain the permission and are using it.. I would say it was a mistake.
    I acclaim, Even If it was permitted then it was a MISTAKE which need to be rectified. And I will not allow any one to use my NATIONAL FLAG and Specially this, as a given right to the Today's Political Parties.
  • Q - Oh My.! You are a Maniac.t and going personal against political parties?
  • A - Yes I am... MAN I ACT Don't you feel it. Will oppose each and every injustice.
  • Q - You are saying too much, can you even hint how will you prevent/stop all this (Corruption & Terrorism) rather than provoking everyone?
  • A - No one can prevent any thing, nor should anyone think of preventing anything. Yes... Every one can promote though.! I am promoting PEACE & PROSPERITY for Humanity Opposing Injustice by peaceful means and democratic ways of protest.
  • Q - How can you say you are promoting PEACE & PROSPERITY?
  • A - My Dear, this is the VISION of Jimmaydar Nagrik. Read it click here. I want to be most happy person and I will prove it.
  • Q - Okay. Why didn't you approach some NGO or Some Good people on this topic rather than doing this when you had no knowledge about it? TEAM IAC is one of them now.!
  • A - Humm.! NGO's are doing good, but I still have feeling. Today's need is of being together. I request All NGO firms even to actively participate in this. Looking towards it as a concept of platform to be in touch with each other. Registration does not mean you are supporting me. You can oppose in front of all. It is a platform with Freedom of Speech. I do not know how many NGO's are there in INDIA. Today's scenario is such that individually they too would hardly make a difference. I do not think NGO's can do any thing against these Political Parties, Seeds of Dirty politics are sown all across and need to be uprooted from all the place together. For which every one need to be under one Banner. I have this much knowledge that National Flag cannot be used as a whole or as a part and given as a right to use to Political Parties and of such kind. For which I am going step by step and will approach judiciary too. I did said this earlier.
  • Q - What do you want. Why are you getting personal against Political Party . Is it for income generation?
  • A - I want every one to just give their views being NEUTRAL on this topic being an Indian, Please I am not against any political party. I am against today's policy and double standard approach of these political parties. Mind it..! It is not for income generation at all.
  • Q - Okay... then why is the Certified Registration fees kept and that too as 1,000/- Rupees for active participation?
  • A - Registration is kept for authenticity purpose. Registration give you power to vote and participate actively on the development which will happen in coming stage. You must agree money is required for each and every thing; hence nominal amount of only 1,000/- to 2,000/- is kept as fees, so that it can be processed further. Even after paying Fees (income tax etc etc.. what we are paying) do we have any kind of Freedom. Do we have any facilities, Forget Facilities even basic necessity are not met after 60 plus years of Independence Day. I am asking for just 1,000/- to 2,000/- and giving you a platform for Freedom of Speech towards the cost involved in building this platform and to carry it as an ongoing process. Note: registration is FREE. To give you an active participation fees will be charged if required. Fees collected will help in developing a system required to support the site services. Some money is required for building the system and back hand support too.
  • Q - What is the term (period) rules and regulation of registration and unique id ?
  • A - Term of Registration will be for One Year as of now. Please read the (Terms and Condition) to know the Rules and Regulation of Registration too.
  • Q - Will my registration get cancelled after one year?
  • A - No. You will be registered member; just will not have rights to participate actively.(voting and expressing your views ) This is currently not applicable.
  • Q - Where would the money collected be spend?
  • A - Money will be spend only for promoting and building the system required for supporting the objective of Jimmaydar Nagrik as of now. Until something constructive is decided on it. (Committee will be formed of Seniors and Respected for sure)
  • Q - Who is going to decided where would money be spend, till the committee is elected?
  • A - Until Committee Member are appointed Founder of this organization will decided on the same.
  • Q - How can we believe in you as you are the one and founder currently?
  • A - It difficult to make any one believe anything, For your satisfaction, I can say you that A reputed Auditor / Auditor Firm will be appointed for sure weather money collected is little or large. I am in process of many things Its a beginning soon you will see the development.
    We are just stating in advance that what are our plans and this is what is going to happen and should not be surprise for any one later.
  • Q - Appointing Auditor will not do. What else. Huge amount of money may flow in?
  • A - Online account details will be furnished on the site to be viewed by every one with all the expenditure and income generated. There is a requirement of Good amount of money to attain all the objective of Jimmaydar Nagrik even. I wish huge amount of money comes in together with some good like minded supporters . It will be help to fulfil a commitment towards long journey.
  • Q - What else it matter of Money and you sound to collect money?
  • A - If you believe my words, I make my commitment. No money will be removed unless five committee members are elected in Jimmaydar Nagrik TEAM which are declared to you all. Proper account will be maintained mostly system based so that no chances of manipulation are there.
  • Q - Money is required for all this that okay... but what about you..?
  • A - Please my dear, I do not know about James Otis what is he going to do with the money he got from auction. Money gained by selling Gandhiji's personal things he had... But please do not consider me in his row. (I want to make a clarification too, I personally do not have any doubt on James Otis, It just a remark) I feel Indian's should learn to give respect to Indian by following their values; One should learn to trust True Indian rather than a foreigner. I am an INDIAN.
  • Q - What about your commitment if five person team is not appointed in committee?
  • A - I assure you your money will be transferred back to your account from where it is received. Hence have not started collecting it even..! In fact will start collecting money only when we have good team in place. Till that time will manage expenses individually.
  • Q - One Last question and once again Who are you, Why is it kept hidden. Are you really alone to do all this. Are you afraid off any one?
  • A - I feel to talk on my identity at this point is triviality, rather than give a consideration to this platform..! Is it fulfilling today's need of INDIA. and equal consideration to question of Nation Pride.
    Still will answer you all.
    I am an INDIAN / Bharatiya / Hindustani. I will disclose my self upfront when required, just give me some time and once again a request, please do not bother too much about me and trust me. I am a Jimmaydar Nagrik of our INDIA. Just kept my identity hidden due to personal reason and some responsibilities which I need to complete towards my family and I can devote myself towards nation, As none of my family member know about this step of mine as of now.
    (Need not need to say, If you have a family and you want to do this all; you can imagine what kind of things can you face from your family if they get even hint on this. You can fight world but not the Home Ministry of Self-One.!) At least it for me. More over I have followed process of registration and every thing to built this my self with help of few people like you and it is not at all difficult for anyone of you to locate me. I am and will stay in Mumbai and will be carrying my daily activity required for my living parallely, may be just have passed or travelled together with you many time. Even might have travelled and will be travelling right now with you, when you are reading this if you are in Mumbai.
    See, Even when unknown criminal come's and do something and they go out of India. Our Respected Indian Police do trace them, and I am in Mumbai it would not be difficult for any one to catch me.
    I have kept all this hidden as It will be difficult for me to handle the question and situation which would come to me If my identity is disclosed with people whom I work, deal and stay to continue in earning my living.
    Most important I will not be able to do the rest of the things which I want to complete very soon.
    A sincere and a humble request to all. Please do not disclose my identity to anyone even if you come to know, until I make my arrangement towards my responsibilities. I will disclose my identity very soon. If you want to know more about me and some more things than contact me on this info@jimmaydarnagrik.org email Id's. I will reply for sure.
    Lastly, When such calculated step is taken and I have kept my self hidden there must be some reason. Mind IT.! Its not at all a matter of being afraid at all, Yes I am NOT prepared for anything, but I am confident I will tackle what ever comes upfront
  • Q - Okay... The final question. Why did you do it right now when you were not prepared and what if you do not make arrangement soon.. .. Are you against Congress Party. What if Congress Party comes heavily on you. WHY DIDN'T YOU PEACFULLY HAD A COMMUNICTION WITH SOME RESPECTED LEADER OF CONGREES PARTY?
  • A - I have already wasted too much of my time. I had decided that I would start this on 23rd of March. As this is a Holy day for freedom fighters of INDIA. though NETAJI & Shaheed Bhagat Singh and many more respected shaheed are still not given respect in this country by these Political Parties and their game they play for vote banks. I know many of them don't even remember this Date as DAY of Shaheed's.
    I just wanted to make this day a memorable day for the history which Jimmaydar Nagrik is making. For which future generation of our children will be proud of. And want to give a specific message to INDIAN'S by this act, which can help you all to decide what you need to do now.
    I am prepared for BIG FIGHT do not worry AT ALL., arrangement are just some formalities which will be completed very soon.
    I am not against Congress Party or any of parties formed from it nor I am in favour of any of opposition Political Parties... I am against this point that Indian TRI COLOUR FLAG is divided and is used by Political Party which I don't feel is right in any sense... It's just a fortune that... It is against Congress Party and they accept it even.
    Congress as a party is quite developed and will respond to this question and situation very sensibly, I am very much sure the sensible and respected INDIAN in them too will understand my concern and will ACT to it as required, AS they have done against PAKISTAN in today scenario.
    I wanted to talk to one respected person whom I feel is a correct candidate for having a talk on this topic. But had many constrain and many question in doing it. one was.. WHO would it be. with whom must I talk on this. I wanted to talk to Respected RAHUL GANDHI, but this was my bad luck. I could not do it..
    I will let you know what I personally feel. give me some days... It is going to come for sure.. IT'S A PROMISE..
    I did follow the process but that seems to be ignored and hence have taken this step
    Yes I want to say something on this.. Sorry ( GANDHIJI.!)