Respected Indian's,

INDIA is at a critical juncture in its quest to regain its place of world's Super Power, this dogma achieved is only by our efforts and dedication we INDIAN'S give towards our work and by owning the responsibility while delivering it. India is an upcoming LEADER of the world in this 21st Century. We should not just be carried away by words of some nation that INDIA is becoming SUPER POWER, to give world this confidence we Indians must continuously prove that we are different and are the best among the all.

WORLD will not accept us as Super Power until we INDIAN'S really prove it. We must first collectively show our responsibility towards our nation and keep role model for world that INDIAN'S are upcoming Super Power Leader's. And to prove this we all need to show our integrity against these corrupt politicians and fulfill the promise which world is looking for.

The world of humanity all across Globe has seen lot of disaster, and is due to corruption and terrorism spreading all across, which are majorly because of BAD GOVERNENCE, India was never an exception to it and it reached it's height in our country on 26/11, requiring that indocile epidemic of corruption and terrorism need to be controlled.

It has become basic need of todays India to bring great deal of change in our approach and attitude Indians have given and are giving to politics of INDIA. We all are talking about CHANGE. India cannot rely on any of the National Political Party and neither of their alliance are in any state, that they can bring CHANGE with the current establishment they possess.

We all have understood this and are feeling our responsibility; we are bringing innovation in our way too, we are willing ready to contribute from our end even, yet many of us do not know where to begin (start) with, Jimmaydar Nagrik have made that beginning and have created this platform for each one of us. We together would force leaders of National Political Parties; that they have to bring innovation in them and have to come out with the clean image of their parties they own and represent them as a TEAM, or must be ready to face the consequences. This Desire of Change in us can only come into Action and is only possible, when we all gather and get united under one banner and show our POWER of UNITY for which Indians are know for.(UNITY IN DIVERSITY).

Kindly participate in large number and encourage everyone to contribute towards CHANGE which begins with you now Today.