We have NOTA to Boycott The Corrupt now no corrupt must go in Parliament Is My Duty. 3
I Agree

More than 25% of Candidate of Congress and 35% candidate of BJP have Criminal Cases Up till now as per details published in ADR Website which says lots of things. Both Top Two parties of India have surrender to corruption and they will not stand for values unless we citizen boycott them for their deeds. Because they know people have to Vote for them and are taking advantage.

It hopeless to expect good candidate from both the parties and more worst will be to vote the third fornt or a local party candidate as an alternative. As this election are National Election and voting for local candidate does not makes sense at all. They will also do the same once they get our power or will deal with these parties for selfish gains which is worst than voting for Congress and BJP.

In This secnario we will urge all the responsible citizen lets boycott all once and for all together unless the Top Party comes up with clean image there is no sense in voting for them. WE MUST REGISTER VOTE Under Section 49-O (ie: NOTA) None Of The Above. 

We have option of NOTA in the Voting Machine Itself hence no fear and complete seceracy is present. We know this will keep the problem as it is, But Remember Now there are chances that People will be disqualified and Once People start voting against all and use option of NOTA. Political Parties will be forced to with draw corrupt people to win election or will not issue ticket itself. 

Now whether they give to good or corrupt people we are voting hence it doesnot impacts them at all as they know they will win anyways. But once they know that they will loose if corrupt are placed and will win easily once Good are placed they will CHANGE automatically. 

Think...! This is SOLUTION to the PROBLEM and not Alternative...


Why & When Use Right To REJECT

Each & Every person who is going to vote is matured enough to  take decision. Every one knows what he/she is doing, When It comes to Voting No One Listen to Any One. People Just do what they Want to do. Not only in INDIA but it across the WORLD.  (Please check video file too) After all its about your choice. Correct…!

IF this thumb Rule is adopt by each and every one. Half of the CORRUPTION of INDIA will go out of system automatically. Either we VOTE only for Good Party and GOOD CANDIDATE or VOTE for NOTA.

But there id If in the above sentence.. And India has much bigger problem, Problem that People Do NOT VOTE. If Sincerely, Every Person GOES TO VOTE and give their decision than there will be no problem. We just need to ensure corrupt person or corrupt party dose not gets your MANDATE that it. We all Just Need to be FIRM enough on this, WE WILL NOT GIVE OUR VOTE to CORRUPT CANDIDATE or CORRUPT PARTY. 

We will give vote to Independent Candidate but not to CORRUPT. (Although it will be just an alternative). AND Say if Independent Candidate are not promising enough... We will not GIVE our VOTE to any ONE. We Will Just Raise our voice by peaceful means and will use our RIGHT to REJECT.

AND This is GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY Now. We have option of NOTA to Disqualify All, It  is confirmed that VOTE under NOTA will be treated as RIGHT TO REJECT and above all it is so simple. No issues at all for people who  will vote for NOTA like earlier... where it was easily known to all and person who voted and was dangerous for people who opted for right to reject or say were not allowed to VOTE and were forced to VOTE for some candidate.

WE HAVE JUST A REQUEST TO ALL THE PEOPLE. PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE AT ALL TO USE OPTION OF RIGHT TO REJECT. In this ELECTION If even at a single place Right To Reject gets MANDATE whole system will change and corruption will surely go Away, And no corrupt people will find guts to stand in election, Neither will political parties give their ticket to corrupt people due to fear of rejection.


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