Telangana will be known as A BLACK SPOT in history of India 8
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Nothing can be cheap than this that people of the same state are divided and are asking for partitio just because their is no development work happen in that particular area and is a major problem which is nothing but selfishness and corruption of particular people. Just can't understand, When people of a region can fight for creating new telengana can't that same people fight and work for the developement within the same state and again when they have there own MP's and MLA from the same reigion. Is't Just because you can't fight the corrupt and want to take your selfish goal to be fulfilled and have much easier path you go for division of state. Is Just A SHAME.


Telengana will be the 29 State in India after a long time since last, when Bihar, Madhay Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh were divided and state of Jharkhand, Chattishgarh & Utharakhand were formed.

But will Telengana be end of dividing politics or will it end the unity of India, where division is done just to prefer some people of a part of state, where it is said that... it is because this part of state is not getting the desired growth as expected. Platform of Jimmaydar Nagrik Strongly believes Many such kind of demand will surface as seen in the post picture which are already there and others will rise as how this is allowed and based on the grounds this division is done.

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