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Respected Indian,

Voice Your Vote against this Biggest & Highest level of Corruption and Injustice happening in India. When Flag Code of Conduct of India clear states Tri Colour National Flag cannot be given to use it at all, then too we still see it is used by various political parties and organisation as a mode of advertisement of their election symbol.

When all the three wings of defence (Army, Navy & Air force) are also only given right to use the flag in full, then how come political parties are given right to divide National Flag for specific people and parties for their mutual benefits. More over Ashoka Chakra it self is given as an election symbol to political party.

As an INDIAN and Before approaching anyone for Justice. Would like to know the verdict of every INDIAN on this and hence request you all to vote on this page being an INDIAN. By this online voting we openly condemn if any law's are followed and National Flag is given as right to be used and demand it to be emended right now to safe guard Tri Colour National Flag of India. Kindly vote for Ashoka Chakra to show your support with us.


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Respected Indian,

National Flag (Tri-Colour of India & Ashoka Chakra on it) is a virtue representing our ideology and are symbol of INDIA dignity and honour which can not be allowed in any case to be given to any organisation for representing them in particular. But we see Indian Congress Party and every party which is formed by the people who splitted from Congress Party in some recent past are using Tri-Colour Flag to display their election symbol and Tri Colour is been used as their official flag.

We openly condemn and oppose Tri Colour to be given as Flag to any party or any organisation. We acclaim this is a biggest mistake to allow Tri Colour and symbol of National Flag to any organisation and which need to be rectified at the earliest. Not only this it is also noted Ashoka Chakra is also given as election symbol to a political party, which only indicates that there is some major problem and highest level of ignorance is done of Flag Code of Conduct. (refer our document Misuse Done By in our glance section).

Not only we openly condemn and demand to emend all the laws if any, which allows it… But also demand to safe guard & stop misuse our National Flag and its Emblem. We strongly oppose this and believe it is really a National Shame that such kind of fun are made of laws and code of conduct.

You may have different view and may not agree with us Hence, we have started this Online Voting Option where we want to know the verdict of every Indian on this. Here we are not only giving you the option to support us but are also giving you the option of opposing us even. Kindly take your decision accordingly.

• By voting for Ashoka Chakra you agree with us and support us.

• By voting for Political Parties you disagree with us and oppose us.

We are aware many of you did have this question and wanted to oppose this injustice, but never had found a platform where you could raise this question. Our this page is just a platform to know the verdict of every Indian on this topic and openly share your voice with like minded people and to take your stand in front of all.

More over you would be surprised to know that Indian National Congress Party (AICC) who were using this from many year, also dose agree with us that their symbol is an injustice and is against the constitution of India as per Flag Code of Conduct, and hence even have changed the display of their symbol during last parliamentary election on our public appeal made earlier, but some how are not ready to accept it after winning election and abide with their decision taken. Seems they even want to know the verdict of every Indian too, just like us. So kindly do give your verdict.

We cannot understand how one can allow National Flag to be divided and, is given as right to be used to political parties for advertisement purpose and hence this is the reason we call it a National Shame where ignorance of laws and code of conduct are made, and need your support.

Now you would like to know what this public appeal is and what is this all about, also beside this you would also like to know what dose Flag Code of Conduct states on this… Is All this True…? What is mention above… etc.. etc…, hence we request you to go to our HOME PAGE and check all our presentation which will give you all the information in details. Also check our Glance and Quick Reference section on our web page which will guide you on what we are talking about.

FYI.. We have not just erupted in some few months to take advantage of wave to fight against corruption… This was decided long back to start at this time and YES… we are active on this topic since 2008-2009 have worked on various other things towards betterment of our nation which will be published soon so kindly stay connected. Also have done lots of communication even after the change adopted by AICC to get it implemented but seems it won't come into practice until every Indian gives their verdict on it.

Our sincere request to all, we do not want you to just support us for name sake as to take advantage of today's current scenario of India's sentiment and just get carried away while you support, but really want you to be neutral and take your stand and stand beside us until end. NOTE…! Your verdict on this voting page will act as an base towards the pledge which are taken to attain JUSTICE on this topic and will carry weight when we take our last step of communication on this Topic. Where we are planning to approach Election Commission of India & If required President & Prime Minister of India even.

Kindly vote on Ashoka Chakra if you really wish to stop misuse of National Flag thinking apart political un-satisfaction and our views on it and vote as TRUE INDIAN. If you want to do some study and than register your vote than hit this like button (Like ) as this will help you to stay connected.

Note : Any unverified and fake voting found would be deleted.

Kindly like the page if you want to do some study and than register your vote as this will help you to stay connected.

Thanks & Regards
From Desk of
Jimmaydar Nagrik.

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Only Ashoka Chakra on Tri Color Flag of India

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Political Parties and Organisation Symbol Can be allowed on National Flag

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Hey Guys….! We Need HELP…!

Sincerely, Just a humble request to everyone, If you really wish to put end to this biggest and highest level of injustice and corruption. Just HELP to bring this awareness and awakening message among each and every Indian whom you know by utilising all the below option to advertise the cause we stand for.

Remember….! Each and Every Vote Counts…!

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